Guests & Speakers

Dr Julie McIntyre is a staff member with the University of Newcastle, researching agriculture and environments, focusing how the growing, making, selling, drinking and export of Australian grape wine is a window to human desire, changing identities and landscapes. These inquiries cross into histories of alcohol production, business and trade, drinking cultures and tourism. Dr McIntyre argues for the need to conceptualise ‘global’ as a re-entanglement of social, environmental and economic historical factors in settler capitalist communities.
The GCSCR is proud to have Dr McIntyre as a keynote speaker for the Fresh Lines Summer School on Thursday, 19th October.



Professor Ian Buchanan is a staff member of the University of Wollongong, and has published on a wide variety of subjects across a range of disciplines, including literary studies, cultural studies, communications studies and philosophy. He has published on film, literature, music, space, the internet and war as well a number of other subjects. He is the author of the Oxford Dictionary of Critical Theory and the founding editor of the international journal Deleuze Studies.  He is also the editor of four book series: Deleuze Connections (EUP), Critical Connections, Plateaus (EUP) and Deleuze Encounters (Continuum).

The GCSCR is proud to have Professor Buchanan as a keynote speaker for the Fresh Lines Symposium on Friday 20th October.