Committee Information







Robbie Mason is a lecturer and researcher in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University. He has authored and edited numerous books on the topics of historical and contemporary, memories and emotion, as well as other topics such as cultural diversity and social inclusion.

Diti Bhattacharya is a PhD Candidate and a tutor at Griffith University. Her project, Investigating the play of history and contemporary everyday life in second hand book markets of Calcutta and Paris, aims to contribute new theoretical insights in the field of Cultural Geography and the way we write about cities.
Laura Rodriguez Castro is a PhD Candidate at Griffith University. Laura’s doctoral thesis is titled From the farm to the photo exhibition: visualising peasant women’s labour in the Colombian neoliberal countryside and aims to create a collaborative research project with rural women in Colombia in the context of globalisation and neoliberalism.


Clarissa Carden is a PhD Candidate in Sociology in the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences at Griffith University, Australia. Her research explores the way in which morals and traditions respond to changing circumstances in relation to histories of education, childhoods, and media cultures. Her PhD thesis is entitled Turning points: Christian and secular battlelines in Queensland education. She is writing a book with Dr Margaret Gibson entitled Living and Dying in a Virtual World: digital kinships, nostalgia,and mourning in Second Life to be released by Palgrave next year.

Anne B. Stuart (Freshlines)

Anne Stuart is a doctoral candidate at Queensland’s Griffith University. Her doctoral project seeks to read poetry and philosophy together.


Garry McSweeney is a PhD candidate with the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Griffith University. His research examines the religious experiences of the Australian witchcraft community. He also enjoys a nice piece of cake.


Somayeh Khani is a Ph.D. candidate in cultural sociology in the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Science at Griffith University. Her research explores the theatrical representation of a risk society and a culture of fear in the controversial plays of a group of young playwrights in the 1990s in Britain.